We offer more than 200 sets of advanced processing equipment, and 80 professional inspection facilities.  Our expected annual productivity is 600,000 pieces.

Key Processing Equipment

VICTOR Taichung Machinery
Vertical processing, advanced CJK6140D digital controlled lathe, vertical hobbing machine, YKJ 3610 digital control hobbing , horizontal hobbing machine and Y5120A inserting machine comprise a complete gear processing system.

Rotor winding, paper inserting, spot welding, paint dropping, drying and dynamic balance are all performed using automatic processes. Advanced equipment is also imported (eg rotor automatic winding machine, insulated paper inserting machine, automatic paint-dropping machine, dynamic balancing machines).



World Class Processes

Key processes such as controlled magnetizing, powder coating of armatures, trickle impregnation, brazing, hot staking, resiglass banding, dual flyer winding, and dynamic balancing enable us to build product reliability through quality manufacturing.
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Gear motor  | PMDC motor  |  AC/DC motor
Gear motor  | PMDC motor  |  AC/DC motor
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