Product Development Capabilities
Our motor product engineers with 30 more years of design experience and powerful R&D lab enable us to develop motors from basic technical specifications (ODM) or based on samples. We can even optimize existing designs.  Our motor products must work with the final equipment; therefore we are glad to be involved with in-house development teams to create joint-development programs. This helps to solve real problems and ensures perfect operation of the motors.  

We offer facilities for performance testing, product validation and endurance testing. We can also obtain third party testing through independent labs in China.

Confidentiality and Patent ProtectionAs a holder of several design patents in China,JIANGNAN YIFAN MOTOR CO.,LTD(FORMER WUXI JIANGNAN MICRO MOTOR FACTORY) understands the value of intellectual property, and respects the importance of maintaining high degree of confidentiality. We work with some of the premier OEMs in India and can provide references to our confidentiality and business ethics. We have enforceable agreements with our employees which prevent them from revealing any customer information.
Gear motor  | PMDC motor  |  AC/DC motor
Gear motor  | PMDC motor  |  AC/DC motor
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